About this publication

Buckley’s Chance publishes data-driven commentary, visual essays and explorables on topics relevant to Australians that can benefit from a quantitative lens.

Mathematical and statistical thinking is increasingly crucial to understanding society and current affairs. But in Australia, there are relatively few sources of high-quality data journalism. Our goal is to help fill this gap.

Initially, we will be publishing 4 major articles each year (quality \(>\) quantity).

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We aim for our work to be…

We want to create exemplars of data communication. Our articles should be understandable to anyone who has the curiosity and motivation to engage with them.
We seek to write articles that are true and accurately convey the uncertainty and limitations of the analysis they describe. Often, we will collaborate with experts to help ensure this is the case. Any errors discovered after publication will be promptly corrected, and a record of corrections made will appear below each post.
We aim to provide new perspectives or ways of thinking about the topics we cover.
We want our work to be relevant for many years. In some cases, this means we periodically update articles as new data becomes available.
…transparent & auditable
We will always show our work. All datasets and analyses are publicly available (see the bottom of each post), and this entire site is hosted in a public GitHub repository.

Who we are

Luke Thorburn is a co-founder of Buckley’s Chance and a researcher at the University of Melbourne in artificial intelligence and collective reasoning.   

Liam Carroll is a co-founder of Buckley’s Chance and a masters student in applied mathematics at the University of Melbourne.